This is Dottie. She is my heart! She is a miniature dauchshound. She came into my life on October 23,2011. She was the cutest puppy that I had ever seen. We had an instant connection. When we looked into each other’s eyes  it was like we were both found in that second. 

I wanted to call her Sage/ my lil teacher, but she was not having that for a minute. Somehow, she communicated to me that her name is “Miss Dottie Peanuts.” “Dottie” for short. 

I gave her the birthday of August 1st. My brother was killed in August 1973. I was only 8 years old. That day my life changed forever! So, August needed a new TAIL..

Dottie is the smartest, most loyal and lovable dog in the world. We share a “Groovy Kind of Love.” We take care of one another. She can be stubborn, silly and goofy in the time it takes to blink your eyes. She hates the rain, likes to sleep, loves to eat cookies, knows where the warm spot is, can be bossy & always has something to say! Ironically, it seems that we are twin souls.

Dottie is the baby I never had and I cherish her!!!  I have never loved anyone or anything as much as I love my little Doodle Dog!!! Paul (my boyfriend) says that Dottie and I are kindred spirits. And he is right.  

There will be lots more about Dottie in future…a girl and her dog! 

Namaste. God Bless. 🐝✌️🐾🐾✌️ 

10 minutes after our eyes first met


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