It’s 5pm🌻

The day did get better. I don’t feel amazing, yet I do feel more in touch with myself & the time and space around me. I am still baffled by how fast the mind works, how much pain the body can take and how good God is related to helping me find a safe place to catch my breath. 

I still have not cleaned up my kitchen or make my bed. I did shower though and I did go to and come home from work and I bought Crazy Glue to fix my nail-don’t think I could have handled the nail salon.

I’ve been escaping into the task of figuring out how to make this blog look pretty since 430pm. I’m not really technically savvy, yet I do enjoy the trying to “figure it out” part. That helps pass time, keeps me occupied and makes me feel smart…😜 I AM SMART!

I guess it’s time to put up the phone now, hit the music, change my clothes and get to that kitchen! It’s not going to clean it self!

Just emptying my head. 

Namaste. God Bless. 🐝 ✌️


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