Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Joyce Meyer says: A Strong Woman knows how to keep her life in order. Even with tears in her eyes, she still manages to say “I’m OK” with a smile.”

Today I am a Strong Woman. I have had to endure many storms in my life. And I have seen the light of  glory over and over again. Today is my 49th birthday and I feel so reflective. I look back and I am not amazed, but more proud of how I was able to persevere and keep it moving. All because, God was ALWAYS by my side and I ALWAYS had faith, even when I felt like I was in complete darkness. I realize that there was always a little crack in my amour that light could shine thru. There were still times when I wanted to give up, when I fell, and took wrong turns one after another. Yet, somehow I heard God’s calls to me and I got up and got out of my own way and I moved forward. I KNOW that He did not ever leave me or want me to cry alone.

God has a plan for me that includes: joy, service, explorations, heightened senses, new awareness’s, accomplishments, liberation, friendships, security, intimacy, and a soft piece of ground if I stumble.

On this day my prayer for ALL is: May you feel God’s SON SHINE on your shoulders when your happy and smiling and when your sad or crying. May you KNOW that you are never alone. May you ALWAYS KNOW that you do have the strength to pull yourself up, over and out. And May you ALWAYS KNOW, that the Strength comes from the God of your understanding, The Higher Source, AKA your GREATEST GOOD!!!

God Bless. Prayers for Peace. Namaste.


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