I “side-lined” yesterday! After I was “done” eating last night…I “Used” some more food! I had cheddar cheese with my dinner which is not a norm for me and later I ate extra almonds, almond butter & strawberries. As a result…I’m up 1.8# this morning. My behavior was not acceptable. I felt it important to tell on myself. I refuse to let my “dis-ease” drive my car! I’m so not beating myself down though… I’m just living in the light of transparency and honesty today.

Reflecting this morning… I believe real life caught up & I gave my dis-ease power to get in the driver’s seat. 

Initially, I was pissed; I thought it “snuck me.” Yet, in truth, I have felt it creeping…I’ve been having a fibromyalgia flare since Sunday and i was highly anxious all day yesterday and here and there the last couple of weeks. I need to remember that pain, depression , anxiety and physical weakness and emotional fog are real and can be a daily reality for me at any time and are not canned excuses to “use” food. Looking back…I felt hungry ALL DAY & and I did not eat mindfully or with gratitude. I just ate. 

  Thank God for another day. Thank you for immediate confirmation re: the importance of self love, following the rules and letting you drive!

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