Accepting my life, as it is” brings me such peace and freedom. It brings with it simplicity and peace of mind. The years of insomnia and nightmares are over because the act of accepting–gives me the courage to be a person I respect and like, the integrity to align my actions with my values. So when the seas of my life get stormy, I remember the phrase, “Acceptance is a lifeboat. Stay in the lifeboat.” My dis-ease used to tempt me into thinking being a person who lived in the light “made me” feel the pain. Today, I understand that the more uncomfortable my feelings, the greater the freedom I’ll experience by walking through the situation knowing that God has my back. Now the time and energy I spent running from my reality is available for experiencing joy. For today, I treasure the gifts I have been granted, because I accept the directions of my God and don’t sweat the small stuff!  

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