Things Have a Way of Falling Together…

After all these years–I’m starting to truly love my life and feel a part of! I’ve pretty much healed from yesterday’s BS, and I have a really positive outlook on things… I know that I’m powerless over everything except myself and I accept this fact with a sigh of relief. Today I’m concentrating on living in the moment. I’ve really re-connected with God and my family. I love my BF with all my heart, I have family and friends who are more like family that I have known and loved for a lifetime & I many new friends and acquaintances that just light me up.

Last year, I made a really BIG step in the right direction when I let go of fear, made the decision to forgot everything that I thought I knew about EVERYTHING and I kissed my life up to God and just trusted!

Today my life is really amazing. No more self abuse!!! No more doubting my place! No more secrets! NO MORE HIDING- I’m living LARGE!!! My life is better than I could have ever imagined that it could be. Right in this moment, I’m flipping thru the pages…1970’s Hackettstown, the red house, middle school (yuck) HHS, just before college, college daze, coming home, venturing out on my own…my God, I have really found my way. Mind, body & spirit on a daily basis I evolve! I’m proud of who I am! Despite the struggles, I got up and took a step forward every time. I never stayed down too long. I get that from my ROOTS! I say all this to say THANK YOU! To all of you & to God! We are all “peacez” of each other! There is no beginning and there is really no end!

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