I have always been an empathetic soul. I do my best to live by the 4 agreements, maintaine an open mind, love and live with an open heart, change my thinking when things seem “crazy” and be humble and kind…yet, sometimes I forget to extend to myself the same love, empathy and patience that I would extend to ANYONE without a second thought. I’m really going through a lot right now… I’ve never felt this kind of physical discomfort compounded by waves of anxiety that I just can’t seem to get in a box. Please be patient with me…AND kind to others… as it’s true-you NEVER really know what someone else is going thru- and while u can identify – ya gotta understand that EVERYONE carries her or his own bumps, bruises, scratches,scars and nightmares… You can be happy, aware of your blessings, love your life and your “family” and still feel beat up and confused by what you can’t change. While acceptance & surrender is the key- it’s not always easy….It took me to promise my mom that I would go to the doctor to start to wholeheartedly address (physically & emotionally) the lot of my BS- the nerve damage in my shoulder I sustained in the early 80’s , the Fibromyalgia cobwebs and my anxiety and depression. It looks like I’m going to be taking a little time off from work to journey back to my center once and for all… I feel like that song….”Ironic” 🐾💕☮️🌻✨🎶🦄☕️️
I KNOW I’m not the only one who lost loved ones, friends who are like family, been disrespected & lied to, experienced DV & assault, said and done things they regret, experienced bullies, cried themselves to sleep, questioned their spirituality, been discriminated against, didn’t know where they fit in or if they REALLY fit in… and on and on…
JUST for real- sit down- quiet your mind and recenter with me focus on
Peace, Love, Joy & Freedom for all- including for yourself.🌻
Taking some time for ourselves is hard, and sometimes God has a way of getting your attention- …just say’n!!!

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